Paving the Way to Great Things!

By Melody Bosk

The sun settles in the background as a crew member from Asphalt Valley Paving finalizes the last little bit of work on the new pavement at the Food Bank. These guys have been at it since first thing and regardless of the high 30’s temperature they’ve had to work in, they left the job site with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction at a job well done!

I have to agree, these young fellows worked hard and with the heat being unceasingly hot-they stopped only long enough to rehydrate and were off working hard again. They certainly earned their wages that day! It was also great that the owner of the company came by later on to touch base with his crew and with our president as well!

Speaking of our president, Robert… You would have laughed at how this man walked around beaming from ear to ear at this new baby- he was like a kid in a candy shop! I dare any one of you to stop in and tell him how good it looks… then watch his face light up!

And now the parking lot is ready for the next stages of what’s on the agenda-I’m afraid you’re going to have to sit back and relax as the next few weeks unfolds even more! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how far this little food bank has come!

Moving forward…

So I’m going to move forwards and onwards to a touchy subject regarding our refrigeration system that we had hoped to put in behind the Food Bank building. As some of you know our permit to do so was declined, which left us in a bit of a quandary while trying to figure out an alternative solution.

Now if you know Robert, you’ll also know that he doesn’t give up easily. Soon enough he told me his new plan for a refrigeration system. It would be built into the back bay. This bay was initially on the construction list to make it into a dry storage area for when we need to store a large volume of donations… but that plan was about to be changed!

It wasn’t long before a great group of volunteers and helpers came on board as M&K Ready-mix donated the cement to begin the transformation of an old bay into something that can be utilized years into the future!

This week has been busy with changes that will be there for years to come and will benefit so many in our community. Hang tough with us folks as little changes keep happening, in the end, we know you won’t be disappointed!

Hunger Free Summer for Kids…

I want everyone to know that this program has been accepted very well by those that are receiving packs every week. I do want to put out a reminder that your child over the age of 12 does not need to be registered, but can come in with or without a parent to get what they need. So please let them know if they are in town and need something to reach out to us. We won’t turn anyone away that needs a helping hand.

If you have not registered your child/children you can still do so for the remaining weeks. Just give us a call at 250-547-2225 and we will be in touch.