About Lumby Valley Times

The Lumby Valley has had a weekly community newspaper for over fifty years. It has had several different names but has been published as Lumby Valley Times for about fourteen years. My name is Andrew Hutton and I started publishing May 2016.

The Village of Lumby is located about thirty kilometers east of Vernon BC and nestled in the foothills of the Monashee Mountains. The village population is just under eighteen hundred according to the last census, but the vast market area is home to three thousand more residents including the rural communities of Cherryville, Mabel Lake and Whitevale.

Our region is rich in geographic beauty, but has suffered economically. Only a decade ago the economy was made up mainly of either forestry or agriculture. While not quite a one-industry town, Lumby has had setbacks as sawmill closures became reality. Several sawmills have survived but the amount of workers that these mills employ has drastically been reduced.

Today, the village is growing. Agriculture is still a steady employer but the main transition of the community has been from an influx of residents who work in other, larger towns such as Vernon and Kelowna, but prefer the quiet small town lifestyle that Lumby provides. Lumby has become somewhat of a bedroom community.

The Lumby Valley Times does an efficient service for our advertisers and our readers. We strive to reflect the feel of the place without becoming a cliché of small town mythology. We like to treat our readers to top notch journalism, photographs and general community information.

The Lumby Valley Times is published every Friday except for two weeks at Christmas and New Year when the publisher goes AWOL.
2700 copies are printed (10.25″ wide x 12.25” deep)  (147 lines deep)

Deadline is Monday at 10:00 am for ads and copy

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