By Colleen Fielding Welcome to Colleen’s Corner. This is a column meant for fun and some information About myself: I am a Freelance Photographer you often see me on the side of the road  or in various places taking photos of different things animals, birds, places, people etc.  l have lived in Lumby just over 8 years,you have seen my photos in the newspaper (Lumby Valley Times) and once in awhile in the Vernon Morning Star, and the Lumby Art Gallery. Photography is my passion. Disclaimer:  The information on some of my photos that I write about a lot of times come from the Internet or books I research them, hopefully the facts are as close to the truth as I can come.
Oh Deer!

The other day I was coming back from Vernon, it was a nice day, so I thought I would take a walk through the Salmon Trail.

I haven’t been there since last year, so I thought today would be a good day.  As I was parking, I noticed a couple coming out with their jackets on so I put mine on. I was also wearing my Capri’s and sandals.

 Grabbing my camera, I moved on. 

As I was walking, I was glad I had grabbed my jacket, as even though it was nice in the sun, the shade was a bit chilly (there will be another reason to be glad of wearing a jacket, as you will find out soon.)

I had forgotten what a nice walk it was, and all the wonderful things you can see there.

At first, I saw nothing. I continued my walk anyways. 

Then I saw her, just lying in the grass watching me. I slowly pulled out my camera.  She didn’t move. I started to take her picture. There she was this beautiful young Mule Deer lying in the grass on the other side of the fence  (pictured) you could tell she was young, as she hasn’t grown into her ears yet. Her ears were quite large for her little head. 

At first, she just laid there letting me take her photo. Then she slowly got up still watching me. As she got up ever so slowly, I didn’t move. She went to a branch and nibbled on that. I kept taking her picture. After a while she sauntered away, I slowly sauntered away too, and continued on my walk. 

Going a little bit further, there was a Sparrow, gathering twigs probably for a nest. So, I stopped and took his picture. He didn’t stay around for as long as the Mule Deer had so my photo taking was a little bit shorter this time.

I continued on, there of course was the Marmot, so of course I stopped to take his picture, as he poised lying on his log. After a bit I continued on. 

I saw a crow up on a branch, so I took his picture too.

There were some black birds, but I didn’t take their pictures, as they flew off.

So far, the walk was enjoyable, but as I got closer to the bridge that would take me out to Hwy 6 it started to get very muddy. I stopped for a minute thinking about it, I took a couple of steps forward, then I thought better of it. I was only wearing my sandals. You remember what happens to me walking through muddy areas, and not wearing the proper shoes ( I think I should carry a pair of shoes with good tread in my car). Memories of last season and other years came back (not wearing the proper shoes and wiping out in the mud.)

So, I turned around to start to walk back to my car. 

 Passing a couple out with their nice dog on a leash, we said hi and made sure we were social distancing as we passed each other.

Still enjoying my walk, listening to all the wonderful sounds, stopping to take pictures of the wild flowers.

The walk back to the car was great, until…….

I felt something on my legs, don’t forget I am wearing Capri’s and sandals (very glad that I was wearing a jacket over my sleeveless top.) 

When I looked down,( I know I told you before don’t look down, but this time I had no choice I had to look down too see what was biting me,  I was horrified!

My Lily-White legs ( yup no sun on them so far) are covered ( and boy do I mean covered) in these tiny black flies with white/ silvery wings making a meal out my legs. They were not no-see-ums; I am not sure what they were but their bites hurt.  

Now you know the other reason why I was glad to be wearing a jacket. These biting flies had not been there on the beginning of my walk otherwise I would not have continued.

They left almost as fast as they had arrived, so I was able to continue to my car without having to stop every second to wipe those nasty critters off my legs. (note to self-remember to carry bug spray in the car beside the hand sanitizer.)

As I continued to the car, the Marmot was still there, I stopped to take his picture again as he posed in different positions. 

I saw another person walking their dog, this dog was not on a leash, even though there are signs posted at the beginning of the trail and throughout the trail as well. The dog stopped to go to the bathroom, but the owner kept walking and did not cleanup after their dog. Hmmmmmm! 

As I neared the entrance/exit of the Salmon Trail, there was a man that had just put his dog in the car, he grabbed a doggie bag that is supplied; from the bin, walk back and pickup his dog’s waste. Hooray thank you.

So, this is what I liked and did not like about my walk:

The beauty of the Salmon Trail is great. 

Seeing all of the different animals and birds: Beautiful.

Being able to take different pictures:  Awesome

Not likening the mud so much, but that can’t be helped right now. Yuck!

Getting eaten alive by horrible little flies that was gross and painful. (help I’m being eaten alive and I don’t have bug Spray:) Gross and Yuck!

Seeing the responsible people with their dogs on a leash and cleaning up after them: Wonderful, KUDOS to you.

Seeing the dogs off leash and the irresponsible owners not cleaning up after them: Awful. 

FISH HEADS to you this is very BAD FORM.

When I got home, I made up a baking soda with water paste and put it all over my legs ( yup, I had covered my legs from kneecaps to ankles,  in baking soda paste. My legs looked like they had been rolling in flour.)

So, on my next walk through the Salmon Trail,

(hopefully I have remembered to put good walking shoes in my car by then)

I will wear my jacket, wear bug spray, have my camera with me and ready to shoot different pictures, and breath in the fresh air.

Happy Trails Everyone.

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