A Great Fisherman

This is my step father Jack. He passed away in the early nineties, and my mom never married again. He was a good person, and a fantastic fisherman. Whenever he went fishing, he always caught something, (once in a while but not very often it would just be seaweed or a cold hahaha.) 

When I was a little girl, Jack would take me with him and he taught me how to fish. He taught my mom how to fish as well, my older sisters were not interested in this special endeavor. 

It was great, especially the days I caught more fish than him!

He could clean those fish so fast, and then cook them up perfectly for us.

Fish were not the only thing he could cook, he made the most amazing stew, and his chili was awesome. On the BBQ he was a wizard, he did a lot of his cooking with beer. Yup a beer in his hand, and a beer on the food (yum very tasty.) 

Have you ever been to Toronto? Have you heard about the CN TOWER? Well, Jack worked on that tower. 

His favorite thing to get for Father’s Day was Chocolates and Old Spice (at least I think that was his favorite, as that’s what I always got him and he said he liked it) 

Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday June 21 2020, if Jack was still alive, I would probably get him the same things Chocolate and Old Spice as believe it or not they still make Old Spice, and of course Chocolate will always be around (at least I hope it will be.) 

June 19 1910 this was the first Father’s Day in Spokane Washington.

 Sondra Smith Dodd was the first person to bring Father’s Day to light, Sondra was at a celebration for Mother’s Day and thought of that having a Father’s Day would be a good way to honor Father’s around the world.

So, to the guys out there this Sunday is your Special Day HAPPY FATHER’S DAY ENJOY!

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