Moments in Time – Photos & Memories from the Lumby Museum – April 30, 2021

Creighton Valley Farm – Joe and Alice Dolman immigrated to Canada in 1960 and began farming in Lumby in 1976.  

Prior to producing vegetables, the Dolman’s raised pigs.  When the changeover to vegetables was made, the pig barns were converted to storage areas.  These storage barns now house the produce and are where preparation such as washing and packaging take place.  By 1988, the farm was producing thirty acres of vegetables including turnips, carrots, sweet corn, beets and parsnips along with 14,000 cabbage plants which interestingly…were planted by hand!  

Joe and Alice have five children: Janet,  Allen, Eric, Michael and Darren.  Allen and wife Penny work full time on the farm.

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