Crossroads Corner – April 30, 2021

By Megan MacPherson

My name is Megan MacPherson and I will be writing a bi weekly column for the Lumby Valley Times newspaper about Crossroads school. Crossroads is an alternative school located in the heart of this beautiful community called Lumby. We are very fortunate that our current teacher has a passion for art, and has been trying to inspire his students to create our upcoming art show fundraiser. Showing off students’ art pieces to the community is something our teachers are very proud of, and we will be inviting our community and schools to come for an art walk along the salmon trail. (Date TBA) 

Here at crossroads we like to have fun with our learning, like playing practical jokes on April fools, and coloring eggs and baking cookies for Easter. Wholesome home cooked meals is just one way we restore and connect together as a class. Our current Educational Assistant makes these wonderful soups that the students enjoy greatly, and loves to help the students bake the recipes they bring from home. Our supportive student counselor is always available and the students love her much needed weekly visits, her positive attitude gives the kids a different outlook on their day. Our teachers inspire us daily to do our best and have fun while learning; they search out our individual strengths and help to explore our hidden talents. The programs at crossroads allows flexibility to all learners, we have online learners, adult learners, and an average of thirteen students who attend daily. Just like us our teachers love to learn new things and we have a great group here at crossroads that are dedicated and supportive towards the community and their peers. Here at crossroads we believe that kindness should be shown through actions and therefore we thank you for reading about us today, and hope a smile comes across your face today.