What’s Your Number?

May is Hypertension Awareness Month, and all around the world they recognize that hypertension is something that should be monitored closely, especially as we age.  Do you know what your blood pressure number is?

Hypertension is the leading preventable cause of death and disability around the world, and can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and even dementia. Over 7.2 million Canadians have hypertension, and 7.5 million more have high blood pressure that will lead to hypertension without preventative action.

By knowing your number, you’re taking the first step to keep or achieve healthy blood pressure. Blood pressure is the force of blood against the walls of the body’s blood vessels. Over time, high blood pressure or hypertension can damage vessels and organs and lead to serious complications such as stroke, heart attack, and kidney disease, among others. The good news is that hypertension can be prevented and controlled with healthy lifestyle strategies, and medication if needed.  

 www.hypertension.ca has some great resources to explore and research.  One of the many recommendations they suggest is keeping a blood pressure log.   If you need assistance printing or accessing information, please contact Whitevalley Community Resource Centre at

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