Weight Loss Methods

I have pointed various ways and methods to lose weight throughout many corners:

  • Fad Diets
    • Keto, Fat Free, Intermittent Fasting….
  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • Counting Calories
  • Eating within your Macronutrients
  • Weight loss products
  • Exercise

So, if there are so many ways out there, then why isn’t it working for you, or a majority of people? 

It comes down to, many different factors. Some methods are just not sustainable and others may not be the right fit. Breaking things down works:

Diet – Exercise – Education – Mindset (DEEM)


This is meant to mean how you eat day to day, but is often referred to, as going on a “Diet”.  which is usually not sustainable as food intake and or food choices are severely restricted. Your diet should come from a variety of nutritious foods and take into account your current health, activity level, ethnicity, and any adverse affects to certain foods. 


Many people are afraid of this word as it seems exhausting and that there is just not enough time in a day for it. It actually doesn’t have to be that hard.  By purely adding in 30 minutes a day of walking (if previously inactive), you will notice a change, especially in your underlying health. Think about it like hygiene – another preventative health aspect of life, like brushing your teeth, bathing, sleeping…. If you are already active, then it’s a matter of how to change up your exercise to move forward.


Any program with exercise or a certain diet, will give you success but at what cost? Inform yourself, do your homework before jumping in! The marketing world is powerful and confusing, with conflicting information, misinformation and misleading information. Don’t be fooled! Many success stories did not come from one product or exercise alone – a lifestyle change happened. Also, fad diets often don’t have the success you think. Look for sustainability and how long these people lasted and did they gain all their weight back? I am not saying some of these things didn’t bring some success, just know there is usually more to the story. If doing a squat challenge or a weight loss coffee gives you the motivation to change your life then great, but many people view these things as a one size fits all, like a magic pill to success. It’s not that simple. 


This could be the most important aspect of all – how ready or able are you for change? 

  • Motivation – This could be due to not knowing where to start or that you are a bit lazy and you just need to be held accountable. There are a few ways to battle this:
  • Make a doctor’s appointment – a health scare may make you change
  • Make a commitment – hire a personal trainer/nutritionist 
  • Get a workout buddy and share healthy recipes – do a food exchange
  • Use a Fitbit or phone-app to aid you along

Psychological factors – Some factors are deeper and may need professional counseling before even considering a weight loss program. 

  • Having too much clutter – Ex. no place to sit and eat, no clean dishes, no space to prepare food…
  • Depression/anxiety/low self esteem
  • Past trauma/PTSD/Abuse
  • Medical condition(s) 
  • Addiction of any kind – drugs, smoking, alcohol, food, gambling, hording….
  • Eating Disorder (bulimia, anorexia…)

Remember – Every-body is different so Every-body responds different. What works for one person may not work for another – find what’s right for you! That’s what we do at DEEM Health. 

Mikkie Nettles, Certified Personal Trainer/Holistic & Sports Nutritionist

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