LBM and % Body Fat Calculations for Weight Loss

A couple of corners ago calories were explained and how you can gain or lose a pound with 3500 calories.  This corner explains another method through macronutrients.  To find out how many macronutrients you need, you first need to find out your LBM (lean body mass) and fat percentage.  LBM weight is everything but fat weight.  Use the calculators below:

Fat %

ClassificationWomen (% Fat)Men (% Fat)
Essential Fat10-12%2-4%
Obese32% +25% +


A healthy LBM should be higher than fat weight, as the lean mass yields a stronger, sturdier body along with a higher metabolism.  Below is an example of a female who exercises a minimum of 3x/week and falls under the acceptable range but would like to tone up and still lose weight.

LBM = 112lbs

Weight = 165 lbs

% body fat = 26%  

Note a male could be around same weight at 165lbs but have drastically different LBM and fat% numbers as men naturally have more muscle and denser bones genetically, therefore, will usually have a higher LBM.  Woman on the other hand will naturally carry more fat for hormonal reasons.

There are many ways to calculate your macronutrients needs for a day.  But for the example above an easy way to calculate would be to eat enough protein grams to support and maintain current LBM plus some for toning purposes.   Carbohydrates would be about 20-30 grams less than LBM weight.  Fat at about half carbohydrates with only 10 grams of that being saturated fats.  Fiber a minimum of 25 grams/day (Men 35 grams/day).   For this example, here is what a day broken out may look like:

Breakfast ProteinCarbsFatFibreCalories
1 egg 7.000.405.000.0072.00
1/2 cup egg whites 13.250.890.210.0063.00
1/4 cup salsa
Coffee or tea with 1 tbsp cream no sugar0.301.001.500.0015.00
1 slice squirrely bread6.0017.002.005.00110.00
2 dark Lindt chocolate squares 85%
1 tbsp PB total4.
3 oz lean meat, turkey, chicken, or fish 18.750.001.500.0090.00
Lettuce wrap – veggies (peppers, cucumber, sprouts…)
Mustard and 1 tbsp light mayo
Post-Workout snack
1 fruit of choice (1/2 big grapefruit or 1 orange or apple)4.0017.000.002.0080.00
1/2 cup cottage cheese 1%
1 tbsp psyllium husk 0.300.000.008.0035.00
1/2 cup Ground turkey (5 g is only saturated) 17.300.008.280.00148.00
fibrous veggies make a stir fry about 3 cups5.
1/2 cup cooked brown rice2.5022.210.871.80107.00
Celery with light cheese 1/3 cup shredded8.
1 turkey pepperoni5.
DAILY TOTALS124.9585.5350.5127.841475.00

When you eat within your macronutrients, it is easier to keep foods nutritious as you have to account for fiber and keep your saturated fats to a minimum leaving little to no room for junk or overly processed foods.  The types of food you eat – changes the way your body looks!  When only counting calories, you can eat whatever you want to reach your daily caloric load, which could mean eating only a couple meals a day because the foods are highly caloric and non-nutrient dense.

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