The End Is Near

Do You Know How Hard Preparing A Field For Seed Is?… It’s A Harrowing Experience!!!!

January is nearly at an end and the temperature, the snow fall have all been unremarkable and the days now are noticeably longer. I know it would be premature to think its over but I’m an optimist. La Nina was supposed to bring colder and snowier weather and although they did predict this would be more prevalent in the mountain areas causing an increase in avalanche problems only in the earlier parts of this winter has that seemed to be true. The end of this COVID situation dangles in front of us the vaccine will not be available to all for some time yet just the thought of it is inspiring. Some people still just don’t get it but I’m proud to note that is not the case in our area. I wonder though if we will return to what we used to call normal or has a whole new way of functioning in our world become the norm.

Some things never change and that is in the growing and nurturing of plants. I am busy planting and it always is a joy and a continuous education. There are many reasons for people to grow their own. The first of course is the joy of caring for these young seedlings everyday looking to see what has sprouted. The cost of course it also a consideration although some seeds are incredibly expensive it is still cheaper to grow your own and the varieties that are available will be more abundant than any nursery can provide so your favourites are covered as well as new varieties you may like the sound of. Also the quality can vary depending on the nursery so you can be in charge of that which is especially important if you grow organically. Also you can also get a head start for areas that have a shorter growing time and we have a few areas like that. Just ask anyone living a ways up Trinity Valley Road. 

Most but not all plants can be started in advance. Anything with a tap root like beets and carrots, dill and parsley do not transplant very well and other plants with slow growing roots will have to be transplanted very carefully like cucumber, melons, broccoli, celery, cabbage and cauliflower. Most flowers are fairly easy to grow and transplant although some need to be planted early so that they will bloom in mid spring or planted to bloom when one wants. Many plants take a good deal of time to sprout and this too must be taken into consideration. You should get your seed catalogs immediately in order to plan and order the seeds you want or you may face a problem of back orders. Seeds from stores can be purchased soon and hopefully they are fresh and have been stored properly. So with the prospect of a early start to spring I wish you.  Happy Gardening!

Happy Gardening!

Samantha Nason
BS Ranch & Greenhouses
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