Pre Plant Considerations

A Friend Perfected His Garden Flower Beds Through A Process Of Towel And Error!

As usual I need to start with a bit of a rant. For the last couple of months the news has often brought up the name  QAnon and as I have not heard of this I decided to watch a show that gave a fairly intensive history and explanation of what it is and what its about. The people who follow this cult are crazy. How can people fall for such idiocy is beyond me but its happened before and it is happening again. Think shades of Jim Jones and his followers in Guyana, The Children of God and The Manson Family. How people can be deluded to believe such crap always astounds me and this  QAnon too will end with death and destruction. The problem these days is the mass use of social media or should I say miss use of social media. I hope everyone is safe and well! Don’t let up on the protocols that have kept us safe now is not the time to let our guards down.

I hope everyone enjoyed our last snowfall, 2 centimetres, ya right. The weather looks good into the middle of February. Our luck is holding out!

Many plants are now germinating except the Primula which was just a lark and considering the age of the seeds and the fact they won’t germinate in temperatures over 65 degrees while everything else needs 75 degrees I am not too dismayed. Most other plantings are doing well and I am planting a few other seeds (Geranium) now. Its still a little too early for the vegetable seeds.

I have been informed of the cancellation of a highly regarded and enjoyed seed sale and swap that would have been happening soon. If you grow your own bedding plants it is time to order as you don’t want to miss out on your favourites. I order my seeds from several Canadian providers and you can order catalogues from companies like William Dam, Stokes and Vessies. The prices vary quite widely so do shop around. For some really unusual seed offerings you can also check out Richters. 

If you have some flower seeds like Petunias, Geranium and most perennial flowers you should start them now. Make sure you water the seed tray well and ensure it is up to 75 degrees before you start. Some seeds need light to germinate and will do poorly if germination occurs at all when covered. Mist the soil with warm water until they germinate. Do not let the soil dry out as the germinating seeds are very sensitive. Use clean containers and be sure to label the trays well with the date included. Use potting soil only as it has the right balance of ingredients that is important for germination. Fertilizer will not be needed for some time and can hamper seed germination. I will be writing more on seed planting times and the care of young seedlings as the proper dates approach.

Happy Gardening!

Samantha Nason
BS Ranch & Greenhouses
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