The Benefits of Senior Exercise

Take what you need, leave what you can

As we age, a big obstacle that comes is lack of mobility and low energy. It is important to keep exercise a priority in our day to day life. Scientists strongly believe that regular exercise boosts blood flow to the brain which in turn releases brain derived neurotrophic factor, (BDNF). This is a protein known as “miracle-grow” for the brain which helps our memory, learning, and our ability to make decisions. Seniors benefit greatly from regular exercise. It is the single best thing we can do for our bodies and our brains. Here are some benefits of senior exercise.

Physical activity is a true factor in maintaining a positive state of mind. It stimulates our muscles and keeps our joints healthy and lubricated. It protects against cognitive degeneration and dementia. Physical activity improves our blood flow which helps maintain a healthy heart and lessens our risk of heart disease. Also it improves our immune systems that fight off infections and disease.

It may seem intimidating at first, but being active doesn’t have to be hard. The benefits greatly outweigh the negatives. Exercise is not a miracle cure however; it has been shown to slow down disabilities and ailments that come with age. Here are a few ways to incorporate exercise into your life.

  • Walking is one of the easiest things we can do that offers many health benefits.
  • Stretching or doing yoga in the comfort of your home is also good way to stay fit. It lubricates our joints, stimulates the muscles and improves balance.
  • Eating healthy is just as important as getting exercise. Being aware of what you are consuming, staying away from processed, refined foods and sugars. Eating a balanced diet is a big part of staying healthy

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