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Re-Introducing Bill C-22

Dear Editor:

It is disappointing that Trudeau is campaigning on fear and hate.

Trudeau and the Liberals hope that they can frighten the public against Canadians who own firearms. Just for votes. The Liberals believe they can trick ignorant voters into believing that guns somehow cause normal people to engage in violence, even abusing women. 

This is false. Hunters and sport shooters are some of the most responsible citizens around. Anyone who owns a firearm has been screened by the RCMP and must keep their nose clean or they lose their guns as well as go to jail.

Trudeau claims that by calling normal semi-automatic hunting rifles ‘assault style” military looking he can frighten ignorant voters. 

Trudeau thinks that blaming hunters and sport shooters for gang violence will allow the Liberals to keep their “hug-a-thug” policies. If the Liberals get back in power, they promise to re-introduce bill C-22 which reduces the penalties for using guns to commit a violent crime. That’s not right. Anyone who uses a gun to commit a violent crime should spend some time in prison.

Respectfully yours, 

Gary Mauser

Coquitlam, BC

Submitted by Peter Aussem, Lumby, BC

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