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Condition of the Salmon Trail

Today on Labour Day, September 6, I decided to get my nature medicine by taking a walk on Lumby’s Salmon Trail, the one that starts from the Chamber of Commerce. I was a perfect day and I wanted to see if my post-surgery legs were ready for the bumpy surfaces. 

 There were many things that kind of distressed me.  I was hoping to see careful reconstruction now that the Village council had purportedly taken an interest in fixing it.  Apart from the fact that some of the metal fencing and aluminum were bashed in and distorted, I noted that the grounds outside the fencing were not appropriate to the ambience of the salmon trail.  On the south side there were piles of logs that came very close to overshadowing the paths and looking threatening should they fall.  On the north side further along the trail, the grounds were flattened and cleared of any natural shrubbery.  No allowance for bio-diversity here.  In other places piles of rubble or wood waste were left.  Closer to the end of the trail,  in the industrial park, machinery was left in grass and neglected territory. In short, it appears that the many owners adjacent to the trail (as narrow as it was) showed no consideration for the aesthetic values of this community asset.  

I am asking the Village council to look at the trail, and ask themselves is this the best we can do for it?  Could a committee be appointed to address some of the concerns I have raised?  All is not lost.  There was a very tall, healthy tree. with a bat house, that appeared to be a very lovely specimen.  Many walkers have used this park, but on a nice day like today there was almost no one.  I wonder why?  If people walk this trail on a regular basis, could they not give back by taking photos of the trail and reporting disturbances to the council. Maybe the council or regional district could get a grant to fund a student to look at enhancing the bio-diversity, and liaising with industrial owners to improve the transition between their area and the trail.

Nina Westaway

Lumby, BC

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