Notes From the Lumby Public Market – September 17, 2021

Well, we didn’t have our Buttertart festival this year, but we still had some Butter tarts at the market this past Saturday. Vanessa, our Bannack girl, had made some Butter Tart Bannack, which was a big hit. Charlotte, our Popcorn lady, had some homemade Butter Tarts that sold out almost instantly. We had the united church there this week, they made some great Cinnamon Buns, Brownies, and a Butter Tart square. These were great. The ladies from the United Church also made hotdogs, and had  hot coffee, they will be back.

As for  other new vendors, we also had some great local Honey for sale.

 We have a good assortment of Vendors at our Saturday Market. You will find things for all ages. We have Watkins, Bannack, Jewelry,  Photography, Tupperware, Epicure, Popcorn,  Young Living, Fruit, Plants, Monashee Arts Council, Victorian Lace, Mermaid Tails Keychains, and other Resin works,Books, Garth’s Barn Wood Creations, Homemade Jams that are very tasty, Chain Paintings, Gel Moments Nail Polish, a great variety of Tea, Wood work, Essential Oils, and so much more.

 Come and see us.

If you would like to be a vendor at our market email us at:

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