Artbeat – Arts & Culture from the Edge – Sept. 17, 2021

Happening now; Storytelling

Stories have always been an integral part of what it is to be human, whether in our own personal lives or through our history and culture. It is perhaps one of the things which make us human; we have been conveying stories since before the written word came into being. Originally stories and the lessons they taught the future generations were passed down orally or through other forms of communication such as the arts.

‘Waterpark symphony’ by Christine Rawcliffe

The Monashee Arts Council is happy to host ‘Storytelling’ at the Village Gallery join us to take a look into the stories behind the art. 

The Village Gallery is located at 1975 Vernon St. (Hwy.6), and opens Monday-Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Call for Youth Artists

“Every child is an Artist” –Pablo Picasso

Once again we ask if you know any youth who enjoy creating October is their time to shine as the Monashee Arts Council hosts their 2nd annual ArtKids show. This show is open to all artists under 25yrs old to showcase current or past works of art.

Submissions will be due September 30th and is open to 2-D and 3-D (drawing, painting, photography, sculpting, beading, wood carving, sewing and so much more!)

For more information or the application please come into the Village Gallery at 1975 Vernon street (hwy 6) during out open hours of 10am-4pm Monday to Saturday. You can also request these documents by email : 

The only cost for this show is our $2 youth membership which also gives our youth 10% art supplies from our catalog

Art Supplies

MAC will once again be putting in an order for Art Supplies at the end of September; this will be our last order until the New Year so now is the time to think about that special gift for the artist in your life! Our catalogue is available to view in the gallery and orders can be done via email or in person on Wednesday and Thursday. Members get 10% off.

Calling Sassy Seniors

Are you a senior who enjoys arting and crafting? Or maybe just a bit sassy, or maybe a bit of both. This group is for you. The Sassy Senior art get together has set up their next meet up for September 30th at the Lumby OAP hall (1765 glencaird st). They hope you can join them for some Sassy fun.

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