Notes From the Lumby Public Market – October 15, 2021

Well here it is: Thanksgiving. 

With that said I would like to give thanks to all of our vendors, volunteers, Etc. that we had this year:  Andrew: Lumby Valley Times; Dawn: Jewelry made from plates; Nancy: Victorian Lace; Murray: Watkins; Kathleen: Tupperware & Epicure; Carla: Jewelry made with Crystals, Photography; Wendy: Homemade Purses; Michelle: Monashee Soaps; Vanessa & Helpers: Bannack; Don & Darcy: Silver Jewelry; Musa: Fruit; Sam: Flowers, Plants, Eggs, Veggies; Margret: Teas; Garth: Barn wood Creations; Laurie: Books & Games; Renee & Kodiak: Essential Oils, Wood Work; Doug & Janice: Pure Honey; Hannah & Friends: Lumby Chamber; Florian: Jams & Jellies; Charlotte: Popcorn & Young Living; Mel & Murray: Music & Museum; Brenda & Friends: Lumby United Church Food & Coffee; Wendy: Resin Jewelry, Colleen: Photography, & Resin Keychains, Gel Moment Nail Polish; Juval: Tie Dye & other assortments; Kristi: Polymer Clay; Sonya: Plants; Maggie; Butterfly Hair Clips; Penny: Chain Paintings; Sylvia: Fifth Avenue Jewelry; Deb: Pies; Mark: Shoes; Katie: Girl Guides; Marion: Diamond Painting; Tim: Volunteer; Logan: Volunteer; Rick: RDNO; Merna: Letting us use The Lumby Curling Rink, on that very awful Smokey Day;  Robin: Monashee Arts Council. 

Sorry for anyone I have missed.

Now I would like to give thanks to all of you. The Customers: that came to our market, some to buy, some to walk through, and some just to chat. We thank all of you, if not for you we would not have a Saturday Market at all. Thank You For Shopping Local.

The Lumby & District Public Market will reopen again the 2nd weekend of May 2022. We will see you all there.

If you would like to be a vendor at the market next year 2022 email us at:

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone 2021 See You Next Year

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