News From The O.A.P. Hall

We want to let everyone in the community know what services the Lumby OAP hall is currently offering to Lumby residents.  In addition, to our Lovin from the Oven meal program, we also act as a home base to the Helping Hands program.

The Helping Hands program offers a variety of services to individuals in our community, as follows:

  • They will deliver your meals from Lovin from the Oven if you live within 5 km of Lumby
  • If you have ordered groceries online, and you are unable to pick them up yourself, they will arrange for someone to pick up your groceries/medication/etc for you.
  • If you need assistance with ordering your groceries online or if you want to visit with your family online, you can make an appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays to use our computers to do this.  This will be delayed for 2 weeks re the current Covid order.

Call Norma at 778-212-2397 to book an appointment or to arrange pickups

The Lovin from the Oven group provides individuals with meals on Tuesdays and Thursdays for $7 each.  Or they can get a punch card for 10 meals for $60 (works out to $6 per meal).  In addition, they freeze extra meals and these can be purchased for $4 a meal.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a senior, our punch cards are a good idea.

Bingo not available as no licensing allowed.

Crib is not available as social distancing cannot be practiced.

We are not having a Christmas party this year, but we will try to have a barbeque in the spring, when we are able to get together again.

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