Never Apart at Heart

Over the past few weeks, Whitevalley Community Resource Centre has conducted an informal questionnaire; asking local senior citizens what the biggest challenge has been for them during the COVID-19 pandemic.  One may venture a guess that grocery shopping, going to appointments or finding transportation might top the list and granted, these things have been difficult for many but overwhelmingly, the answer was missing the social connection with friends and family. 

Close relationships with others is vital to one’s health – physical, mental and emotional – self-esteem and even life longevity (according to recent research) so now, possibly more than ever, it is imperative to reach out to a senior in your life. 

Pictured are Noella and Solonge, long-time friends that have been self-isolating for months.  Both of these local ladies live relatively rurally in our community, which can make quarantining even lonelier.  Recently, the duo was able to enjoy an outdoor visit for the first time this year and swap gardening tips in the afternoon sun, one of their favourite things. These ladies are both in their 80s and they each still grow their own garden!  It is evident that true friends are never apart, maybe in distance but not at heart.

At Whitevalley Community Resource Centre we celebrate all seniors by supporting their trials and applauding their triumphs. 

For more information on local senior services, please call the office 250-547-8866.