Make a Splash, Seniors

It comes as no surprise that exercise is good for us and helps keep a body healthy and strong but for those of us that are aging, finding the right exercise that is beneficial and does not aggravate existing health problems, may not be as easy as it seems.  

Swimming is often the recommended exercise by physicians for aging adults.  Many activities put strain on bones and joints that could lead to fractures or injuries.  Exercising while partially or fully submerged does not put stress on bones and joints because the buoyancy of the water provides a cushion for movement.  This buoyancy factor makes swimming one of the most injury free sports and a popular choice for seniors.  Many people that suffer from osteoporosis or arthritis find that swimming allows them to exercise longer and with less pain.

Water activity is a great way to build strength and endurance as movement in the water is a form of resistance training.  In fact, swimming has numerous benefits for all ages; water activities promote flexibility, posture and balance while building muscle and cardiovascular strength. 

The Lumby Pool has opened for the summer!  The friendly staff has been very busy preparing the pool for the season and they are strictly following COVID-19 safety protocol and procedures. This is a very affordable and fun opportunity for seniors to get out and enjoy.  Call 250-547-6835 for information on scheduling, aqua fit classes and more.