Chaput Truck (1988)
Moments in Time – Photos & Memories from the Lumby Museum – Wally Chaput – January 7, 2022

Wally Chaput (1925-2019) was a hard hitting tough guy who had a heart of gold and was a pioneer in Lumby’s logging and trucking industry.  With an education of only grade 3, Wally began making his own living at the age of 12.  In 1949, Wally, along with brother Ed, formed Chaput Brothers – later to become Chaput Logging Ltd. in 1957.  Due to Ed’s declining health, the company ceased operations in 1997.  Chaput Sand and Gravel was formed in 1963 and was later sold in 2014.  Wally also discovered a silver vein in Saddle Mountain in 1965 and drilled several thousand feet of tunnel. His legacy lives on through the Mighty White Dolomite company in Rock Creek which Wally established in1982. Wally married Maria (Rita) Vanburren in Rotterdam in 1945 and together they had 3 children: Ingrid, Paul and Terry.

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