Happy New Year from Lumby, UK!

Did you know that there is a small village in the UK that shares our name? I didn’t until I received an email from Gemma Howley who lives there.

She wanted to send a Happy New Years greeting from one Lumby to another.

Here is a little about her “Lumby”.

Tucked on the edge of North Yorkshire, Lumby is a tiny hamlet of just 50 houses and 125 people.  It is situated 32 km south west of the historic city of York and its only facility today is a postbox on the village green!

A popular through route for walkers, runners and cyclists, Lumby is a Viking name for “small wood” but we know that Romans were here before as metal detectors are often finding coins and other artifacts.

Historically Lumby has always been a farming village with several “thatched cotts” but today most of the old cottages have been demolished and there is only one working farm left in the village now.   

Situated on the west side of the hamlet is Lumby Hall, the largest property in the village. Originally a farmhouse it was built on the site of a monastic grange but is, today, a private house.

The village green is maintained by locals and is now the site for remembrance and festival gatherings.  We discovered two young men from Lumby who gave their lives in World War 1 and we were able to honour them in 2021 and the first Nativity and carol service was held in December, which brought all the villagers together.

The next celebration will be Easter and plans are in place to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee later this year.

The people of Lumby North Yorkshire would like to wish the people of Lumby in the Monashees a very happy and peaceful New Year and we look forward to sharing more experiences of our wonderful communities!

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