Gary & Madeline Schwartz (1988)
Moments in Time – Photos & Memories from the Lumby Museum – Joseph Schwartz – September 17, 2021

Joseph Schwartz (1905-1978) built the road in Lumby that today bears his name.  The road was built by hand using a shovel and grub hoe and then a horse and scoop.  Eventually a government grader made the road passable for a team of horses.  

Born in Austria, Joseph came to Lumby in 1929 and worked for Fred Barnes hacking ties with a broad axe near Camel’s Hump.  In 1935, he married Madeline Potrie of Enderby and together they raised 3 children: Eileen (Mrs. Ambrose DeCoffe) Jeanine, Mrs. Melvin Hamm and Gary.

Joseph worked as a millwright at Lumby Timber Company and in the 1930’s, built Henry Martin and Gunnar Johnson’s sawmill in the Monashee. 

From 1957 to 1971 he was the “maintenance guy” for schools in Lumby, Mable Lake, Trinity Valley and Cherryville.

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