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I don’t understand this policy.

The local supermarket Freshmart is denying customers the right to bring in their own shopping bags. When we questioned the manager about it, he was evasive and didn’t seem to have any good answers. He did say that “the bags that some people bring in are filthy”, which says to me that the cashiers may not want to touch them and I don’t blame them. However, my response to that is put out a ‘bag your own grocery’ policy , or have your staff wear vinyl gloves. Maybe you could put out a sign that says we can refuse to use your bag if it’s not clean. We were also told by the store manager that they were having meetings on this subject. They were still deciding.

It seems ridiculous to me that in a small town such as Lumby, where we are trying to be so recycle conscious, the main grocery store is not. I think the policy needs to change.

Jackie Butcher,

Lumby, BC