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Cedar Ridge Playground

In light of the recent fires around our area I am very concerned about the wood chips in the playground area of Cedar Ridge Park. I never did understand why wood chips were put in under the playground equipment. It must have been the cheapest to apply. Pea gravel wood be better and recycled rubber better yet.  (Children have cried out in distress as their tender feet got all scratched up by those sharp little wood chips so they all have to wear shoes.

Gone are the days of barefoot in the park… ) but I digress…

The biggest concern is a serious fire hazard. Does anyone realize how quickly a fire could be started in those wood chips? A fire could jump to the treed area 8 feet away. How silly is that? We’ve had the Fire Smart program in effect with recommendations as to how to keep our area safe from fires. There is no good reason why wood chips were used. The wooded area was cleaned out a couple years ago to make it safer but it needs attention again!

I’ve seen people smoking by those wood chips in the playground. I’ve found 2 lighters left there. Twice in the last week I’ve dismantled a fire pit someone built  just below the playground behind the trees in the wooded area of the park. It had been lit once already. There was fresh ash at the bottom.  Maybe it was children thinking if they put stones around the fire it would be safe. It’s not. There so many dry chunks of sticks and wood, dry birch bark, etc. in those woods. This is really Scary!!!

Fire goes right into the ground and can spread underground. If these trees go up in flames it will be a risk to everyone who lives on Cedar Ridge and in the Pine Avenue Villas 55+ community and could easily spread to the rest of Lumby. We could lose our homes; Peope could die. 

A neighbor on the upper streets of Cedar Ridge said he had contacted the Village office, possibly the mayor,  with concerns about this and was told the wood chips would be removed but weeks go by and nothing is done. 

I am making a public plea for the Mayor and the Regional district to clean up the playground and the wooded area behind it before tragedy strikes. A good soaking of the whole area of the woods and playground would help as well. What can be done??  Is anyone else concerned? I’ve got several emergency packs ready but I don’t want to lose my home, nor the beauty the park.

Pamela Burton-Wislon,

Lumby, BC