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Chipping Program

Dear Council Members;

We are sending this to you to express our dissatisfaction with the recent decision to suspend the spring chipping program.

First of all, while our taxes continue to rise, services decline. Why is it that Lumby can no longer offer this service while Enderby, Armstrong and Vernon continue with their spring chipping programs? Kelowna provides a year-round yard waste pick-up system.

Secondly, without the chipping program, the village is downloading costs to individual households. This is especially true if one does not own a pick-up truck and still chooses to get rid of yard waste at the landfill.

Thirdly, without the chipping program more trips to the landfill will be required, increasing carbon emissions. Lumby proudly participates in Communities In Bloom. Part of the criteria for participation is “environmental action”. Are those hundreds of extra trips to the landfill the best way to be green?

Lastly, property taxes in Lumby are very close to those in Vernon. Vernon, however, offers far more amenities: Rec Centre (including an indoor pool and gyms), art gallery, indoor and outdoor skating rinks, performing arts centre, public transit, extensive parks and recreation programs and a spring chipping service!

We would like to suggest that council reconsider the decision to cancel the yard waste/chipping program.  We strongly urge you to reinstate this service.

Yours truly,
Jo Anne and Paul Fisher,
Lumby, BC