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Spring Chipping

To Lumby Residents and Home Owners,

Here we are in springtime once more. A time to rake the lawn, trim the hedge and prune and cut back the trees. Whoa! There’s a snag. The Village of Lumby has , without warning, cancelled the spring chipping program. What do homeowners do with the branches. If you have no pickup truck or means of taking these branches and trimmings to the dump you are left with the option of hiring someone to do this for you. This expense will range from $30 to $50 if you hire a commercial outfit. Even if Uncle Louie doe sit for a case of beer, it’s going to cost about $25.

Perhaps people can cut down all the trees ans we can have a bald, treeless town. How much is the Village saving by doing this?

Of course this doesn’t affect the council members because they don’t live in Lumby. “That’s something that needs to change.”

This is a time of tight money, exasperated by the COVID-19 situation, seems to be a low blow. The Village seems to have plenty of money to dig mud holes and mud paths around the field on the west side of town.

Perhaps we all should remember who the people responsible for this decision are the next time we go to the polls to elect our civic representatives next time around.

Thank you for reading this. Please let our representatives know your thoughts on this problem.

Your friend,

Charlie Fisher, Lumby, BC

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