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Lumby, Lavington, Whitevale, Coldstream, Vernon & Cherryville

Your Community Newspaper

Lumby, Lavington, Whitevale, Coldstream, Vernon & Cherryville

Artbeat – Arts & Culture from the Edge – March 31, 2023

Please note there were some errors in last weeks ArtBeat in regards to application deadlines. We apologize for any confusion.

MAC Local Arts and Culture Grant – Call for Applications

It’s that time again! MAC is excited to be putting out the call for applications for the 2022 MAC Local Arts and Culture grants. Application forms and guidelines will be available at the office and via email. Deadline: April 15th /2023

Community Art Class Program – Year End Show   

 April 3-29, 2023.

This show will feature the works of Lumby residents who participated in the Community Art Class Program during the fall/winter. There will be works in Drawing, Soapstone Carving, Greeting Cards, Oil Painting, Fibre Art “Painting with Fabric”, Watercolour Painting, and Polymer Clay. 

All participants are invited to submit their work to the Village Gallery by April 1. 

There will be a final class for all participants to finish up their work on March 29th, 6-8pm at the Lumby OAP Hall. Instructors will be there to help students get their work ready for display.

Local arts volunteer Jeannette Wilding organized the program with the help of a Community Arts grant from the Monashee Arts Council. The vision was to create a program that would engage local artists in sharing and teaching their skills to the community, and to promote the advancement of the arts. The program helped to build a sense of community and support during the winter months, and provided an affordable and supportive space for people to develop their creativity. 

Call for Artists – Almost Famous 

We’ve all done it from following a tutorial online, watching a Bob Ross video, to trying our best to recreate ‘Starry Night’ by Vincent van Gogh, we’ve likely all ‘copied’ another’s work or style, it’s how we learn after all by imitation. As we endeavor to create our own style we often emulate and at times down right copy the form of another artists, this is how artists grow and how art forms themselves evolve over time.

This month share your recreated masterpieces at the Village Gallery in the May ‘Almost Famous’ honouring, celebrating or imitating a famous artist or painting.

Be sure to check out the workshop on how some master works can be recreated on Wednesday April 5th and 12th.

Applications are available at the Village Galley, 1975 Vernon street (next to Scotiabank) or online at Deadline for entries is April 29th  2023. Call 778-473-3029 for more information.

Almost Famous Workshop

Wednesday April 5th and 12th 2023

How many struggling artists have wondered how the master painters like Johannes Vermeer, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Mary Cassatt and Roy Lichtenstein–to name a very few–have created their wonderful art?

Here is your chance to recreate a masterpiece or paint something in the style of your favourite artist. If you are short of inspiration, come to the Village Gallery, 10 am to 4 pm, in Lumby, 1975 Vernon Avenue (Highway 6), Monday through Saturday, and look at our resources. Paint Your Own Masterpiece has very complete lessons on painting famous paintings by famous artists. We also have a selection of Canadian masterpieces Landmarks of Canadian Art by Peter Mellen, and The Book of Art Vol. 7

Impressionists and Post-Impressionists. Choose a picture or lesson and ask to have it photocopied or select something from your own resources, We are inviting people to try their hand at this task starting on Wednesday, April 5, 2023 and following up on Wednesday, April 12. There is a fee for each workshop of $5 and they will be held at the OAP Hall in Lumby next to the Community Garden (1765 Glencaird) from 6 to 8 pm. You can sign up for the two workshops at the Village Gallery.

The 1st workshop is for the drawing where you transfer your masterpiece to paper, canvas board, or canvas, etc. and the 2nd workshop is for painting the work. If you are timid, inexperienced or just like the company of fellow artists, these workshops would be for you.

You need drawing pencils, transfer paper (if you have some) and your photocopy for the first workshop. You will then be able to determine what size of canvas or canvas board, brushes, and paints you need for the second workshop.

Or you can do all the work at home and just bring an individual application for participation in the exhibition by April 29.  The exhibition Almost Famous will be hung on Saturday, April 29; the show starts on Monday, May 1 and runs until Saturday, June 3.

Sign up at the Village Gallery.