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What it took…

What it took

At a time when our Brothers, were dying for others, 

Who  today don’t even care anymore

It’s time we remember this War

Fighting for our Rights and our Freedoms

So dying for nothing will not occur anymore

It’s  time to remember this War.

This Remembrance day should be even more important, as we see our Rights and Freedoms being desecrated, by Trudeau and his Liberal Government.

What would all these young Men and Women, who gave their lives, think today, if they also could stand with their Brothers….who fought and died….in an attempt to save these very rights and Freedoms, we so often take for granted,

God bless all the Veterans, to work so hard to keep these  memories present, in hopes they will never again be haunted by these memories of a War, obligated to every year, hear once again…the sounds  of that  War, no one really won.

God Bless the Veterans.  God bless ALL the Veterans.

I for one….know the importance of showing respect for all the Veterans… I “feel” their sacrifice, and regret our Schools do not place the importance of placing the knowledge on each of them, so perhaps they might understand….WHAT IT TOOK…so as to allow THEM TO GET WHAT THEY “GOT”.

Respectfully I say….Thank You.

Ron Shunter Sr.


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