The Power of Music

Would you like something that can be calming and relaxing, or something that can stimulate you to move?  What one thing can create different reactions in everyone?  Why, music of course.  No matter if it is a song on the radio, a CD, music from a movie or a friend playing an instrument.  Music can literally change or enhance your current state of being.

Remember some of those songs that made you want to dance?  How about the jitterbug or jive/swing or salsa?  Maybe even a waltz or fox trot.  There are so many tunes that invoke so many moves.  What was your favorite?  Do you like to watch ballroom dancing which can be so elegant.  It appears to be a lost art as we don’t see many people dancing like this anymore.   In  Vernon, there was a Square dancing group, a Scottish Country Dancing group, and a couple of dance studios that offer Ballroom dancing lessons along with other types of dance lessons.

Getting back to the music, have you thought of some artists that were your favorite?  What about Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Glen Miller, Johnny Cash, Nat King Cole, or Engelbert Humperdinck?  This is just a small sampling of some of the great musicians you can choose from.  

Have you thought about people that play instruments and how they have learned a remarkable skill.  Not many people play a piano or a violin or even any brass instruments, anymore. Guitar playing is still very popular.  It doesn’t need to be accompanied by any other instruments.  It can be played individually or with others and is easy to tote around.   Another easily portable instrument is the harmonica.   When’s the last time you were at a gathering where someone pulled out their harmonica and started playing?

We hope that we have conjured up some lovely memories and maybe inspired you to turn on some music.  Enjoy the sensations music invokes in you.

A weekly feature for Lumby, Cherryville, and area seniors. For more information about any of the following please contact Lauralee or Jenny at (250) 547-8866 Whitevalley Community Resource Centre Office (250) 547-8866. Funding support provided by Interior Health, the Province of British Columbia (Community Gaming), United Way Southern Interior and United Way Lower Mainland.

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