The Blue Day In January

At the end of November and heading into December we have days usually for shopping just before Christmas.  There is Red Thursday, then there is Black Friday which is usually the last Friday of the month in November. After that is Cyber Monday, also known as Green Monday. Then Amazon Prime has a free shipping day on everything. The last Saturday before Christmas is called Super Panic Saturday just like Christmas Eve shopping, that’s for the really late shoppers that brave the very busy malls while people get their last minute shopping done. All that shopping for one day, then Christmas is over. The next big shopping day is Boxing Day, a week later it is New Year’s Eve. People get all dressed up, some have even bought new outfits just for that night only. 

Then comes a different day that not everyone talks about, or even knows about. It is usually the 3rd Monday in January, the day is called Blue Monday. Blue Monday started out as a joke and a promotional ad for a travel company back in 2005. But it is actually recognized as a very depressing day, called the most depressing day of the year according to psychologists.

Blue Monday has very little daylight, the nights are cold and long.  The New Year’s resolutions that you made have already been lost to you, you didn’t make it to the gym and that diet looks like it will never begin. You checked your mail, your credit card bills are telling you that you spent a lot more on Christmas than you really intended too.

If you suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which is another form of depression sometimes called the winter blues, different types of depression or other mental health issues then Blue Monday, and or the whole month of January  can seem very overwhelming. 

Some of the symptoms may include very little energy, tiredness, concentration levels are lower, you could gain weight. 

There are things that can help you going through January whether it is Blue Monday or any other time you feel blah and have the blues, feel depressed.

Get enough sleep, have and maintain a healthy eating habit, get active, set up a reasonable budget that would be easy for you to follow without overspending. A lot of the time light therapy could help. This is a special lighting that can mimic daylight spectrum almost as well as sitting in the sun.

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