Spider Lawn

The Other Day I Found A Spider In My Shoes…..He Looked So Stupid…They Were Way Too Big For Him!

I’m sure that everyone has had enough of the oppressive heat, smoke, lack of rain, COVID, and world seemingly at total unrest. I know I am. I’ve had to stop watching the news as I’m finding it unenlightening, depressing, repetitive and just not anything I want to hear, although burying ones head in the sand is not an option.  I got another year older the other day and I thank the friends who found out and their well wishes and or commiserations,  perhaps this additional aging has been part of my seeming lack of vibrance and dismay at the obvious state of the world as we once knew it. I find it amazing that factories in Canada are being allowed to spew pollutants into the air until decades in the future while we pay Carbon taxes to offset (? ) this grievous mistake.

As the economy has been tripped up with the last 2 years of COVID and its affects perhaps the immediate shut down of these factories and other harmful industries that cause huge changes in the vitality of our environment will be found not to be the end of the world when so many other viable jobs can come about with the right dedication and mindset. The fact that half the world seems to be on fire and the other half drowning, all due to climate change perhaps its time to take a stronger stance and make a big difference now rather than pay for it in the future.  I watched some program on TV showing the amazing strides being made on the research into the viability of life on Mars and wonder if this is so the last man standing has a place to go in the maybe no so distant future, depressing thought and It rather dulls the amazing strides that our young Olympians have made in a difficult time in Tokyo although I am bursting at the seams with pride!

Food cost were predicted to climb much earlier in the year and with crop failures caused by the heat, drought and the fires affecting crops I don’t think we’ve seen the entire picture yet.

As COVID started last year I rolled back my prices to 2017, thinking this was a very good year and I will not be raising them until its all over, however long it takes. Well now that I’ve got that rant aired (and feel so much better) I will continue with my article for the week.

Just over the last few days I’ve noticed a multitude of spider webs on my lawn, not that this is my crown jewel at any time, as long as it looks green and is somewhat healthy I am not too worried. However it is not any of the above this year but the spider webs are quite a disturbing addition especially considering that once I read up on what may be going on I truly became concerned. The worse case being a fungus called Dollar Spot Fungus it appears the same as these spider webs but only appears in the morning and then disappears when the sun comes out and we have the heat of the day. This is not what is happening with my lawn and I’m greatly relieved as this is a nasty fungus called Mycelium Fungus and will grow in size and is a serious problem. It looks like what may occur during a drought leaving dead looking patches that will only get worse when watered and is a result of a stressed lawn.  It is exasperated by a lack of maintenance, improper mowing height, heavy thatch and poor aeration which would probably describe my lawn only due to lack of rain and its priority in the scheme of life in the heat dome.

However, my Spider Webs do not disappear in the heat of the day and are truly Spider Webs. The spiders that dwell in these webs can bite and although somewhat painful are generally harmless. They do not migrate into homes or sheds and are actually providing a service in the fact that they trap and consume insects that are harmful to the lawn, garden and flower beds. They can be eradicated, if you wish, by simply using a strong spray of water, brushing them off or even vacuuming them up. I have quite an abundance of them and if they bite I will take the old Hoover out there and show them who’s boss!

Happy Gardening

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