Notes from the Lumby Public Market – August 7, 2020

Submitted by Colleen Fielding

​Welcome back everyone to our Lumby & District Public Market, it has been so good to see all again. There have been some new faces there as well. Thank You all for coming to our market. Our little market is a great place to be on a Saturday. We have so many different vendors this year. We have Fresh Fruit and Vegetables. There are Flowers, Homemade Jewelry, Photography, Avon, Antiques, Tied Dyed items, Mosaic work, Jams, Watkins, Homemade Purses, Gel Moment,  etc. And Music.

The people that put the Music on for us, are our featured vendor of the week. Meet Murray Freeman (left) and Mel Hormel. Murray was born and raised here in Lumby. He is one of the directors at our Lumby Museum. He is a great guy, and very friendly stop by and have a chat with him. 

Murray likes to help people out. Every Saturday he drives Mel over to the market, and sits with him helping Mel out with the music.

Mel Hormel is a 58-year-old person who is legally blind. His hobbies are collecting music. His collections include Records, CD’s and Cassette Tapes. 

At this time Mel has over 3 thousand CD’s. Each Saturday Mel and Murray volunteer their time and play music at the market.

Mel is the President of the Lumby Museum, on their table you will see a very old white pitcher with a donation label attached to it. All donatai0ons go to our Lumby Museum. 

If you have the time stop by and talk to these great guys, and hey if you have extra change put it in the donation picture to help out our little museum.

See you Saturday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

If you would like to be a vendor please email us at: