Music Is Good For The Soul, And Whatever Else Ails You

Welcome to Colleen’s Corner. This is a column meant for fun and some information About myself: I am Colleen Fielding, a Freelance Photographer you often see me on the side of the road  or in various places taking photos of different things animals, birds, places, people etc.  l have lived in Lumby just over 8 years, you have seen my photos in the newspaper (Lumby Valley Times) and once in awhile in the Vernon Morning Star, and the Lumby Art Gallery. Photography is my passion. Disclaimer:  The information on some of my photos that I write about a lot of times come from the Internet or books I research them, hopefully the facts are as close to the truth as I can come.

Music has been around for a very long time, in fact even the cavemen made and played music. Music is international; it is played all over the world, even here in Lumby.

About eight years ago the Legion had been sent an email from a different Legion encouraging  the Legions across Canada to have a music night. I jumped right on this bandwagon and got the music happening. For the first couple of years we had 12 hours of music and 12 different bands on a Saturday in November. It was amazing! This was called Musicians helping the Legion.

I found all the bands, got them together. Organized their times that they were to play,and was the hostess and MC for all the bands. I am very comfortable with a microphone in my hand. 

Then before COVID came along we still had 12 hours of music but down to eight bands still on a Saturday in November. 

Then that nasty COVID 19 came along and put everything on hold, people had to stay home and if they went anywhere they had to wear a mask, then be vaccinated. Most places had to be shut down for a long time including Legions across Canada, causing some Legions to never open again. But, we made it because the Lumby Legion is still alive and kicking. 

Finally after a couple of years I am very happy to present to you once more: Musicians Helping The Legion.

It will not be on a Saturday this year, and there will not be 8 bands. 

This coming Friday November 25 2022 at the Lumby Legion upstairs from 6:00 pm – 12:00 am (or so) Musicians Helping The Legion will come alive again. Once again I have found great bands, and I will be the  hostess and the MC.

If you are 19 and over, join us for a fantastic night of music, the canteen will be open for when you are hungry. The bands gladly donate their time and energy. There is no charge, but we do ask that everyone put some money into the donation jar, all donations go to the Lumby Legion which helps to keep it open.

The music lineup will go like this Steelwound 6:00 pm, Joe & his Pals 7:00 pm Linda Sue Wilson 8:00 pm, Christine Kendall Ward 9:00 pm, Red Dog 10:00 pm from 11:00 – closing we will have a jam, anyone wanting to jam can join us around that time.

See you all there, please remember to donate.