Lumby United Church


By Donna Easto

Lumby United church had its beginnings as a Presbyterian church. The Reverend George A. Wilson, Minister for Vernon and the Caledonian Valley, first held worship services at the home of Mr. Joseph G. Nesbitt.   The trip to Lumby took five hours.   After church there were often social events and the Minister did not get on the road till after midnight. Fortunately, the horse knew its way home!   I wonder if it managed to avoid the potholes in the dark, or if that’s what kept the good Reverend awake.

The first service in the Lumby Presbyterian (now the United) Church was conducted April 7, 1895 by Reverend. George A. Wilson.   The congregation included not only Presbyterian but also Baptist, Methodist and Church of England adherents.   The humble little Church officially opened on August 1, 1896.

In those days, the question of providing fodder for the minister’s horse posed a problem.   It was a sum the struggling young congregation could not afford.    Reverend Wilson was asked to write His Excellency, the Governor requesting a portion of the fodder, or a suitable donation.   In reply, Reverend Wilson was granted the sum of $10.00 as a first payment toward the keep of his horse.

NEXT WEEK: MARK YOUR CALENDAR, AUGUST 7TH : CELEBRATING THE 125th ANNIVERSARY.    It’s not often Lumby can celebrate such a historic occasion!