Lumby Food Bank And The Kids Summer Program Says, “Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!”

“It takes a village, and we are that village”! – Norma Bouzak 

By Melody Bosk

You do realize that without all of the donations we have from the community, businesses, and the generous outpouring of support we simply could not do what we need to do for those who need it! Here at our Foodbank, we share with other Foodbanks who in turn share with us when needed; we also regularly share to the Monashee 50+ OAP, especially during these tough times. The unrelenting heat spell we had not too long ago sprung those ladies into action and into opening the hall to those that needed to cool down, guests were also invited to share in snacks while they were keeping cool.

A huge thank you to BACK TO EARTH’s founder Kiley Routley and husband Jeff, who pulled up with a load of their amazing natural products to help evacuees and those less fortunate! The OAP has a supply on hand as well for those that need it. Back to Earth is located in Lavington and has always helped with community spirit and support! Thank you guys!

Hunger Free Summer for Kids

I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear the feedback lately regarding our little program we have for school-aged kids that are home for the summer. These youngsters are very appreciative and enjoy all the little special things we send to help them with a balanced healthy diet. We have been so fortunate to have Zelaney Farms on our team donating whatever they can; they go out of their way to send beautiful produce our way. I do want you to know that they have the biggest best cauliflower heads available anywhere! You can cut one up into 4 meals and still have leftovers I’m sure, and the price CANNOT be beaten. Try some out; you won’t believe your taste buds!

This past week we received another awesome donation from our Telus family to our children’s program. With a variety of snacks and handy pop-it-in-your-mouth types of treats, the kids are going to be thrilled. Just remember that every little bit helps and means so much to every child in our program! Registrations are still trickling in, which makes me happy.

If any of you witnessed Robert doing summersaults across our fresh pavement at the food bank, I’d love photos! If you happened to see him with some yellow paint up and down his arms it’s probably from doing those summersaults over the fresh yellow lines that were just put down on the pavement! A huge thank you to Ed Farley for donating his time and materials to finalize the last installment on our new parking lot-great job Ed!

Next up—the new Cover/Canopy slowly gets set in place-and in saying that- we could use a couple of strong men to lend Robert a hand if anyone would like to put their strength to the test! Watch for strong-man requests on Facebook!

That’s it for now-See you next week!