The Lumby & District Community Thrift Store was able to donate five thousand dollars Charles Bloom Secondary School breakfast program! This ensures that students have access to meals in the mornings, which is so important. Pictured: Thrift store Manager Jean Galli, volunteers, students, and Brock Honey from Charles Bloom. What a wonderful contribution!
Lumby Community Thrift Store…

Thank you to everyone who refrained from bringing in donations last week.  Volunteer staff are getting all caught up sorting and setting out even more wonderful things for you!  Thank you also to everyone who has kindly refrained from leaving items when the donation location is closed.  This is the first week ever when we have not had items dumped and it is a big relief.

Christmas linens are being set out in the hallway. Please check out our amazing book supply, it is always replenished, and there are so many good ones coming in all the time.  There are great classics in the children’s section too!  Here is a reminder with regards to our Recycling program. Do you have items that are well loved but unusable, but you are hesitant to throw in the landfill? They can be saved!  We accept mixed used clothing – all men’s, ladies and children’s clothing and outerwear, including lingerie. Mixed houseware textiles such as bedding, towels, table cloths and drapes.  Mixed shoes – men’s, ladies and children’s footwear including dress shoes, slippers, sandals, boots, runners etc.  Mixed bags, hats, belts and purses of all kinds.  Please do not include in recycled items: Very torn or dirty clothing, wet items, suitcases or stuffed toys.  Please label the bag or boxes “Recycle” and they will be stored and sold by weigh to be re-used– so our community benefits from this as well!  If the towels or shirts are salvageable, please consider labelling “Rags” as these can be sold in store.

We are located in the Arbor Park shopping mall between the Dollar Dollar Store and the Pagoda Inn Restaurant. We have increased the store hours! Open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and 10am to 3pm.  Donations are being accepted at 1870 Vernon St, Tuesday and Thursday 10-2 and Saturday 12-1. Please refrain from leaving your contributions at any other time or space.  Phone: 778-473-3003.  Thank you for supporting us and keeping us the best little thrift shop in the valley!