Legion News – July 1, 2022

If you see some things going on at the Legion that are not appropriate, please don’t disrespect us by slamming the Legion on Facebook or other social media. Instead let the bartender or office staff know that you would like to talk to an executive, leave your phone number and someone will get hold of you, then you can discuss what happened so that it can be dealt with properly. Also a great place to discuss matters of the Legion is at our General Meetings the next one will be in September.

If you are a non-profit society let the Legion office know that you would like to have a Meat Draw. 

The kitchen is almost complete, in order to open it up we need volunteers to help clean up the dust that was left behind from the renovations and put everything back. Contact the office. We would really appreciate your help.

We also would like some volunteers to help redo the front patio

if you have time, call us and we’ll put your name down.

The Legion is still looking for a Bar Steward. Do you have Serving It Right? How about some time on your hands a couple hours a week, that you don’t know what to do with it?  Well then come to the Legion and put in your resume and be a Bar Steward.

We have something exciting coming up in August. Keep reading the Legion News in the Lumby Valley Times for more details.