Greater Vernon Water – Water Quality Advisory RESCINDED – Kalamalka water source is back on and Duteau Creek Water back to being treated with UV

The Kalamalka Lake water source is being turned back on Thursday, November 26, 2020, for the Greater Vernon Water (GVW) system because algae counts in Kalamalka Lake have returned to normal levels. Simultaneously, the repairs to the Duteau Creek UV Disinfection Facility are complete, and the facility will begin treating water from the Duteau Creek source with UV disinfection today.
Last fall, a leak was discovered in the pipe that carries water from the UV Disinfection facility to customers, and a temporary fix allowed the treatment plant to continue running. This spring, the plan to repair the leak was postponed due to snow and waiting for mechanical parts; therefore, the permanent fix was postponed until irrigation season was completed.
GVW is now returning to normal operations by supplying water from our two sources; the Duteau Creek Water Treatment Plant supplied by Duteau Creek and the Mission Hill Water Treatment Plant supplied by Kalamalka Lake.