Getting Closer

I Poured Beer Over My Lawn This Spring… Hoping It Would Come Up Half Cut!!!!

It looks like the Lumby Public Market may not open at its usual time in Mid May.  A disappointment to both our vendors and valued customers and friends.  But fear not for we will be thinking of ways to serve you through other means and through the Monashee Coop for our produce, plants and other products we provide.  It is early yet and due to our practice of social distancing, hand washing and disinfecting we are making a difference and can hold our heads high for the lives it has saved and the proof that we are strong and united as a community and country.  Spring has been slow in coming and we still are experiencing cooler nights than usual.  Although it has slowed the growth in our yards and in my greenhouse, I am hoping it will also slow the flooding that has already  started.  My heart goes out to all the people  on Rawlings Lake Road who have been affected. 

My lawn has finally been totally raked and cleared of all the debris that came down over the winter and that last wind storm.  The small amount of rain has perked up the green and it is starting to grow nicely.  Now is the time to look for problems like Snow Mold, Fairy Ring and other diseases, pests and weeds that can invade home lawns and plan an attack.  Most of these problems are due to poor drainage and unfertilized lawns.  This repair should be done in late May or early June, this is also the time you should consider Aerating the lawn.  This entails taking small cores of soil from your lawn by means of an aeration tool.  This is extremely good for lawns that are created in clay soil, which we have in our area in abundance.  This treatment will allow oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate efficiently.  This in turn will allow the grass to grow and will help deter weeds and disease.  The use of chemical fertilizers should be avoided as it is unhealthy for you, your family and your pets.  2,4-D is a hormone which causes broad leafed plants to grow so fast that they die, this works well for plants and the seeds of chickweed, plantain, creeping charley and several other invasive weeds.  More and more fertilizes that you can purchase at garden centres and hardware stores are now based on organic practises due to people demanding them.  You can create a mixture of bone meal or another type of nitrogen based fertilizer, sand, soil and grass seed to help regenerate bare spots and generally improve the soil that promotes a good lawn.   Fairy Ring and Mushrooms will not usually appear until late summer and early fall however good spring efforts will reduce or eradicate this problem.  There are many types of seed that can be applied to strengthen your lawn and one should be aware of their hardiness and suitability in full sun or shade.

I have recently had a friend who is being inundated by ants.  If you can find their colonies (not necessarily hills) and they are in an area that you can pour boiling water do so and stir them up.  Repeat often it is a satisfying and effective method of destroying them and their nest site.  Also a mixture of icing sugar or white sugar and borax can be applied in areas that you find them traveling along the house or planting beds.  This however can be dangerous for pets and children so it may be better to bait a trap that will allow the ants entry but prevent other exposures.  A container can be made with small holes that will allow the ants to enter can be used.  A mixture of .5 cup sugar 1.5 tablespoons of borax and 1 cup of water will work.  Be careful of getting any of the mixtures dry or wet on your plants, although Borax is a mineral it also can be used as an efficient herbicide and you do not want it on your valued plants.

Stay Safe and Happy Gardening!

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