CRMC Update – Richlands Forest Block

Submitted by Joyce Fleury, President, CRMC

On July 22 a delegation of Cherry Ridge Management Committee directors attended a Regional District meeting to address a local Cherryville issue that has been a hot topic of conversation through the first half of this tumultuous year.

The purpose of this delegation was to seek regional government support for a proposal regarding a Richlands forest block of eight Crown Land lots (73.36 acres total), bounded by Mitchell and Puckett Roads, currently under consideration in Tolko’s harvesting plans. Overwhelming concern has been expressed in Cherryville that the Tolko plan is not a favourable fit for the lots.

CRMC proposes to purchase these Crown lots for ownership on behalf of the Cherryville community, to be managed by CRMC strictly for forest health, as a long term natural and cultural resource for Cherryville residents. Ultimately this must be negotiated at a provincial level, but a letter of support from the Regional District will add favourable impetus to negotiations.

The delegation’s request for a letter of support was well received and a vote regarding the letter will be the first item on the August RDNO agenda. In the meantime, preparations are now under way for further CRMC meetings at the provincial level.

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