Bring on some Summer Weather

What Do You Call A Bear With No Teeth?… A Gummy Bear!

Although I don’t really want the temperature to escalate into to high 30’s, a little more sun and heat would be wonderful. I think that this weekend will be the 12th weekend of rain and although it does save a lot in time and energy I’m sure we and our yards and gardens could use some sun and heat. Several people have mentioned problems with growing cucumbers this year, both direct seed sprouting and bedding plant failure seem to be the complaint. It could be that it has just been too wet. Look to see if water is pooling on the surface during and after a rain, if it is , perhaps some soil amendments like sand or compost deeply dug in to the soil will alleviate the problem, this normally done in the fall or early spring before planting but if there is continued failure of plant growth you may be required to do some serious interventions. Another good indication in both the yard and garden of a surplus of moisture is the growth of mushroom and other fungi, aeration may help. The use of a wide tined garden fork will do if the area isn’t too large. Of course one also should be looking at pests like cutworms, snails or small rodents that could be at fault although they are not usually dedicated to ruining just one kind of plant in the garden cucumber plants are very tasty. If you are using mulch to suppress weeds you may want to remove it at this time but keep it handy in case we do get some heat as it will suppress those lovely weeds and conserve the water in your soil. Looking at the longer term weather forecasts it certainly won’t be a typical July with our daily temperatures not ofter breaking into the 30’s. Maybe August will look more familiar heat wise this year, so far this is good for our forests and air quality.

I wish to thank and commiserate with the gentleman and fellow bee keeper who called regarding the bear issue out here on Albers Road. I certainly understand your anger and frustration and the loss of your bees. I finally saw the culprit, caught her red handed munching on sunflower seeds out of a sealed container that she worked open in a small building next to my house. She is a magnificent looking bear with healthy shinny auburn red hair likewise the two smaller bears that were with her. They were less than half her size and remained just outside the yard. I am grateful that she did not take a swipe at my dogs and instead easily leaped over the fence. I was shocked that when she was on the other side of the fence did hiss and lunge at my dogs instead of making haste into the woods. Then I saw that a small baby was up a tree right along the fence line and both were anxiously whining and both disappeared rapidly once I called the dogs into the house. I guess this is a story of the 4 bears. I sure hope that our meeting will discourage her from coming back there will be no sunflower seeds available to her. The cherries are just starting to show some colour and I hope that unlike last year when she or some other bear ate all the unripe cherries and smashed my trees very badly.

Happy gardening!

Samantha Nason
BS Ranch & Greenhouses
250 547 6567

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