A Few Things Of Note

If You Store Your Urine In Your Fridge For 21 Days… There’s a100% Chance Your Single!

A dear friend came to the greenhouse this week to get the last of the plants she needed for her garden and her Tomato plants.  Last year she grew quite a few Tomato plants and this year she cut back on the number of plants as last years crop was so prolific.  She has an amazing method to growing her plants and she credits this method to a recipe she found on line.  She takes a 5 gallon bucket that has a lid and drills holes throughout the bottom and sides, she then fills the bucket quite full of composted manure and buries it in the ground leaving about 5 or 6 inches of the pail above the ground level  around this bucket she digs holes for her tomato plants and in each one she puts egg shells, a teaspoon of epsom salts, a banana peel, some baking soda, an aspirin, some fish oil as she does not have any fish heads and finally some coffee grounds.  To water the tomato plants she fills the 5 gallon bucket with water and allows this to leach out through the holes and water the plants, easy and very productive.

A fine gentleman was listening to me discuss the merits of epsom salts with another customer and when my customer left he told me of a British horticulturist that was being interviewed for radio show and one of the questions the interviewer asked was what the horticulturist did to grow such magnificent tomatoes and he responded after asking the man not to put his response on air because what he did was urinate on the plants.  Needless to say the requested editing was not done and on air this little fact was released.  Further research shows that the practice of using human urine has been around for thousands of years and that German and Finnish research has found that using stored urine and wood ash actually works very well.  Urine used from healthy humans is very high in nitrogen, potassium and phosphate all key ingredients to fertilizer and is already broken down to these basic elements that allows the plants to readily use them.  The use of urine  mixed with water to a ratio of 10 parts water to one of urine will allow tomatoes to grow 4 times more fruit than with traditional fertilizers and the fruit will also contain more protein as well the plant will grow faster and healthier making it more resistant to disease and pests.  It is also used at this ratio to grow other crops such as peppers, cucumber, egg plant and corn.  Well move over Monsanto!

Look forward to seeing everyone at the market and to all fathers, Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Gardening

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