A Cut Above

Jessie Blades from The Beauty and The Barber here in Lumby really showed her care for the community and clients.

When asked about why she was cutting a client’s hair while he was in his car she told us the following story.

I started cutting Glen’s hair after opening the barbershop here in Lumby.

In the beginning, he would walk down to the shop, over time I started going to his house but since being moved to a home, I haven’t been able to see him in quite awhile..

Glen’s wife, Rose, came to me a few days before and asked if I would be able to give him a trim.

Unfortunately since being in the home, he is unable to walk by himself, so this would mean having to carry him into the shop.

It was an easy decision, when Rose and her friend pulled up outside with Glen in the passenger seat.

Simply go to him.

Although it was rather cramped in the car, we had some pretty good laughs together. 

Being able to see Glen and laugh with him again meant so much to me.

I wasn’t expecting for this to go as far as it has but honestly I am grateful for it all.

Right now especially, I want the world to see kindness, I want for people to remember that even a small gesture can really mean so much, to so many. 

Seeing that gleam in Glen’s eyes, reminded me why I do, what I do.

Great Job Jessie!!!

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