Water And Its Importance In Your Body

Eating may look different for each individual but there is no leeway when it comes to water – every body requires it. There’s no question your body is healthiest when you practice proper hydration.  

Although, there lies some confusion about why water is important. 

Water facilitates countless physiological processes, including, digestion, elimination of waste, and protection.  It all starts in your head specifically your mouth in the form of saliva.  But also, your brain we need to have a different relationship with water.  Many people attribute it to being boring.  There are many ways to make water intake more fun as was mentioned in a previous corner.  Herbal teas made warm or cold or having flavored non sweetened carbonated waters.   With no additives these all are the same as drinking water.  Also, the 8×8 rule to begin with – 8oz 8x per day and 1×1 rule no more than 1 liter per hour as that’s all the kidneys can handle.

Back to saliva, this is the first steps in the digestion process by helping break down food into smaller pieces and washing it down.  Water then continues through your stomach mixing with your food and toward the small intestine. That’s where most of the water you drink is absorbed. This absorbed water is then transported through your body in blood. So, drinking plenty of water helps you maintain a healthy blood supply in more ways then one.  Waste material can build up in your blood and needs to be removed, which brings the next step of the water journey—the kidneys.

Your kidneys filter waste and toxins out of the blood via urination. This becomes even more important to drink your fluids when feeling under the weather.  The other way toxins are removed are through bowel movements. If you don’t drink enough water stool hardens and creates constipation leaving those toxins linger in the body for long periods of time.

As the water is moving through the body as above it comes to its final destination your skin. Perspiration is another body function that relies on water to get rid of other compounds it needs to eliminate. In addition to removing waste, perspiring helps you maintain a normal body temperature. It cools you off as water leaves your body through pores. When that moisture evaporates it turns from liquid to gas, helping you cool down. 

You can see how important it is to drink water. Every bodily function relies on water and helps your body maintain homeostasis—the balance between physiological processes. Without this balance, your body can’t maintain your health.  From lack of concentration and cognitive skills to wrinkly skin and immune function.  Water also does a host of other functions we may not think of. Protection of delicate bones, brain, spine, and other vital organs. Water is in spinal fluid, synovial fluid – between joints, and the space around organs. This acts as a shock absorber and a barrier, protecting your body from damage caused by impact.

A few things will tell you if you haven’t had enough water.  If you are thirsty you are already dehydrated or if your urine is dark and thick.  Note urine can change colour depending on what you have ingested.  Beets or dark food colourings can make it look like you have blood in your urine.  Certain vitamins can make your urine look neon.  So, it is important to know why your urine is coloured but also its consistency.

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