Winter is Close… Spooky

Where Is The Best Place To Get Bugs?… A Flea Market!

I hope everyone had a wonderfully spooky Halloween I saw some adorable little ones in their costumes and some incredible Halloween displays.  I went out to Armstrong to see a dear friends’ setup and was amazed at what has been added to her show since I was there two years ago.  I am also pleased for the nice sunny days we have had even though the nights have been very chilly, we normally have a small, but short lived fall of snow before Halloween but this year it hasn’t hit yet but it will be happen soon.  My Maple tree is getting short on leaves and some of them are already picked up and that is my never failing sign that time is running short.  I am so close to ready, another week should put me in a good position both in the greenhouse and the yard, the more done now the less needed to do in spring when I’d rather just plan and start my seeds.  The yards around Lumby look neat and trim and I hope that means most people are ready for winter.  I’m happy to see the leaves on my fruit trees finally falling even though they really didn’t turn colour,  I am unsure if this was due to the heat stress  from this summers’ heat dome like  it is the reason being used to explain why some Cherry trees have blossomed recently in Vancouver.

I wrote a year ago about the Story of Thieves, this was regarding the Bubonic plague back in the 15th century when many millions of people died.  (Unlike the pandemic that we are suffering through now where only 4.9 million have died if you can believe the underreported numbers.  But of course were not out of the woods yet.)  Several thieves in France were caught robbing the dead and dying and yet the thieves never became ill.  The king told them that  the secret their immunity is that they would escape the usual punishment which was to be burned at the stake.  So of course they revealed the recipe which they used on their hands, feet, ears and in a bird like mask they wore over their faces which was a combination of Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary Oil which most have antibacterial properties.  This is somewhat like what we are doing with our hand sanitizers, masks of course and probably our social distancing.  As to the thieves, true to the Kings promise were not burned at at the stake, they were hung.  Fortunately in our times we have the masks, hand sanitizers, social distancing and lucky us and a Vaccine.  But of course still too many through unwarranted fear, procrastination and a large number who feel their rights are being violated as an excuse will perpetuate this pandemic.  Not getting the Vaccine will only deny them the rights to many social functions such as restaurants, bars and clubs, concerts, sports events, travel, weddings, funerals, family get togethers and many other events that we all love and miss.  This will also still put at risk our elderly, children and any vulnerable members of society.  I hear that Christmas shopping may be jeopardized by the unavailability of many goods.  Perhaps the Vaccination would be a great gift to have for all the people who you cannot see or be with.  After all Christmas is all about giving and this may be the one gift you can give for all those on your list and not!

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