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What goes with the Village of Lumby Council?

NO SILK FLOWERS ON OUR LOVED ONES GRAVES!  My beloved husband of 55 years, Brian Jones, passed on in March of 2019, and when I visit his grave, I love flowers there to show he is still thought of and loved every day by myself and his family.

I’ve visited cemeteries in Osoyoos, Kelowna, Coldstream and Vernon and they are spectacular and beautiful with 100’s upon 100’s of colourful silk flowers over the acreages.  I realize some silk flowers and tributes have been left unattended for a number of years, disintegrate and pieces blow around.  Maybe when somebody buys a grave plot, they could be told that after a couple of years, artificial floral tributes will be removed and given the reason why.

Fresh flowers only?  Sure, when the loved one has recently been buried, but after that?  They are too expensive to place on a grave weekly; besides, they wither and die in a couple of days.  Who constantly cleans them up?  Also, what if the living relations live in Kelowna, Vancouver, Calgary, or wherever, and only make it to Lumby once or twice a year?  In fact, they probably won’t even know the new regulations, come to their loved ones grave this summer and be shocked to see their last years silk flowers “gone”!

My Dad, Grandparents and other close relations are buried in the Kelowna cemetery and Brian and I would go every Spring or Summer to clean up the grave sites and place new silk flowers, to show we remembered and love them.  The old flowers were never removed!

No colourful silk flowers adorning our cemetery bordering Hwy. 6?  What will tourists think – “These Lumby people sure don’t care about their loved ones.  Looks pretty deserted up there.”

I am very pleased with all the improvements being done at the Cemetery, but PLEASE, let me show my love for my darling husband by placing beautiful silk flowers on his grave!

Penny Jones, Lumby, BC

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