What Are You Watching Now?

Let’s step back to the early 1990’s. Reed Hastings was an entrepreneur that in 1991 had created a software called Pure Software. This new software had made tools for different software developers. This software was bought out by another company in 1997. 

In 1997 Reed got together with another entrepreneur by the name of Marc Randolph, Marc was also an advisor and investor. Together they created Netflix.

When Netflix first started in Scotts Valley California it was a DVD rental service, you could order your movies through the website and a while later the movies would get to you by the post office. When you were done watching the movies you would send them back to Netflix in the provided envelopes, once again using the post office.  At first to rent the movies they were a cost of $4.00 per movie with a $2.00 postage charge. When Netflix started to grow, people could still rent the new movies that were out at that time, but now they were you had to subscribe. Then you could keep the movies as long as you wanted too, but you could not order any other movies until these ones were sent back. Netflix was becoming a giant in rental movies, Blockbuster tried to compete but could not. Blockbuster went bankrupt in 2010, Netflix had approached in 2000 Blockbuster and asked them to be a partner with them, or perhaps even buy them out. Blockbusters CEO just laughed at this proposition, and ended up going bankrupt instead. (I will bet they are kicking themselves now) 

!998 arrives, Netflix renting DVD’s is becoming a hit. So, they take it one step further, now not only are they renting DVD’s but now they are also selling them. This site was now called Netflix.com Here it is 1999 has arrived, Netflix has now offered their subscribers unlimited DVD’s at one low monthly price. 

2000 Netflix now offers personalized movie recommendations.

In 2002 Netflix is now open to the public, selling their shares for $15.00 per share. 

By 2003 Netflix has over 1 million members hitting a new record.

2004 sees a doubling of members to Netflix. Even though they have twice as many members there is trouble brewing. Held in the San Fransico Supreme Court Netflix is being sued for false advertisement, that they can get their movies to you by the post office within one day. After a short battle in the courts the claimant and Netflix came to a settlement. 

2005 Netflix now boasts a membership of 4.2 million.

By 2006 Netflix had a whopping 6.3 million subscribers. 

Here it is 2007, subscribers to Netflix can now watch movies and tv shows on their computers. Depending on your plan you were allowed a maximum of 18 hours of free watching on Internet Explorer. By the end of 2007 Netflix had 7.5 million paid subscribers.

In 2008 Netflix is so popular it is now streaming on X Box and being able to be played on Blue Ray Players. They now had 9.4 million paid subscribers.

The year now is 2009, Netflix has teamed up with PlayStation and Smart TV’s, by the end of the year the paid subscriber list reached 12 million. 

Apple device subscribers, and Canadians become very happy in 2010 as Netflix arrives, making it 20 million subscribers.

In the year 2011, Netflix decided to make some changes. These changes cost them to lose 600,000 subscribers. Netflix thought they could spilt the DVD and the streaming service. Wanting the people to have two separate accounts which would end up costing the consumers more money. Amazon Instant Video had arrived on the scene with 5,000 movies and Amazon Prime for TV shows. Netflix had a true outfit to compete with them this time.

Now it is 2012, Netflix is on the rise again. They have now expanded to Europe, Ireland, other parts of the UK and Nordic Countries. Now boasting 25 million subscribers.

2013 Netflix now has 31 primetime Emmy nominations, at the end of the year they now have 40 million paid subscribers.

By the year 2014 Netflix has now expanded to 6 new countries including Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. At this time, they have won 7 Emmys for being Creative. They now had 50 million viewers.

2015 hits Australia New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Japan.

2016 Netflix is now in 190 countries across the world. They have programs in 21 languages. They now also have their new download feature which allows viewers to download their favorite programs to watch them offline.

It is now 2017 globally Netflix has reached 100 million! 

2018 Netflix is celebrating being in 190 countries, having gain even more awards, and 112 nominations. 

2019 Netflix has won 4 Academy Awards, but now Netflix has even more competition as 2019 saw the new arrivals like the Disney Channel, AT&T, and Apple TV.

Here we are finally in 2020 Netflix has 151 million subscribers, with about 70 million of them in the USA, using approximately 15 % of all the bandwidth in the world. 

Way to Go Netflix!