Recipes And Stories About Food, Family And Origins

by Donna Easto

The Farmer’s Almanac predicts a wet, wild and white winter in the west.  But nothing, not even COVID, can diminish our love of sharing favourite foods and food-related stories.  

Canadian food is sometimes thought to be boring.  But, it’s so much more than poutine and butter tarts!  We are a country woven together from many different people, languages, lands, traditions, and foods.  You just have to look at some of the celebrations of winter, Hanukkah, St. Lucia Day, St. Nicholas Day, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Mahtahitowin, Chinese New Year, New Year’s Day, Three King’s Day (Epiphany), Ukrainian Christmas and Malanka, to realize Canada’s complexity.

Over the winter of 2020-2021, I’m hoping to put together a unique cookbook, one that not only features delicious recipes, and their origins, it will also share stories of special times or special people related to food.  For example, I can not remember having home-made desserts as a child –  other than the occasional bowl of lime Jello.  However, once a year, my grandmother created what has to be Canada’s best lemon meringue pie.  Her way with meringue was as close to sinful as my gran ever got.  Surprisingly, the recipe was one that a lady named Miss Prissie (no joke) of Toronto shared with my great-grandmother in the early 1900s.

I’m pleased that the Lumby Valley Times will be printing your recipes and stories and offering assistance in the completion of the cookbook.  Whether it will be an e-book or a physical book has not yet been decided.  If there is any profit from the book, it will be given to a local charity.

Here’s what’s needed:

  • A beloved (and tested) recipe.
  • If possible, a picture of the dish.
  • Your story about the food, or something you associate with the recipe or recipe.  This could cover a person, a place, a time, or the origin of the food.

You may choose to do only a recipe, a story, or a recipe and a story.

Send your recipe and other documents by e-mail to herbladycrone@gmail.com.  Or to Box 555, Lumby V0E 2G0 – please print!

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