Vroom, Vroom, Vroom

By Colleen Fielding

Did you hear the roar of the bikes at the Legion last Thursday morning?

Let me tell you all about them.

There were about 14 or 15 motorcycles outside our branch for about an hour or so.

They were Veterans with their Spouses and Friends, they ride from Legion to Legion Across BC. Their title is: Military Police National Motorcycle Relay (or MPNMR)  They have a special Fund For Blind Children. What an awesome group of people riding for a great cause. 

The Lumby Legion has donated $1,000.00 to help them to continue in their efforts. 

Sandra Tucker, one of the organizers reached out to the Lumby Legion awhile back, when we heard the story we were more than happy to help, and to have them come to our Legion, that morning on their travels for some coffee and donuts, thank you everyone that came for the meet and greet.

 When Sandra had talked with me, she asked if there was anything that the riders could donate to the Lumby Legion, I suggested that instead of giving to us they could help The Lumby Teens Christmas instead.

Kyle, another organizer of MPNMR not only gave us a good speech, but also presented the Lumby Legion with a beautiful plaque that had been made from one of the Veteran Riders that could not make it last Thursday. 

Then Kyle presented the Lumby Teens Christmas put on every year with the help of Janice and Bruce Mackie a cash donation of $100.00 

Thank You Riders, the Plaque is now hanging on our wall, and your donation will help out our teens at Christmas time.

On one of the bikes was a sticker in Purple that read: Purple Rider in Support Of the Military Police National Motorcycle Relay. When I asked the rider that was outside at the time what it meant he replied “The Purple Riders are those that have suffered, or are still suffering from PTSD, the ones that say Silver Riders, are the family of the Purple Riders, those that have the Bronze Rider sticker are those that support the Purple Riders. and their families.”  I got a photo of the riders that were still there as some had already left, look closely, you will see our own Rick Ritchey in the photo on his bike with the riders

Before the riders left we had some surprise guests that came in. Lumby’s Logan Leach, his brother Mattew, and his dad Mike.

It was great to see them. 

Logan 18, and his younger brother Mattew 13 both have Stargardt Syndrome, a genetic blindness that can start when the person is very young, but it may not show up in their lives until they are in their 30’s or forties. Logan at one time played hockey, when his vision got too bad he then turned to Skiing. His brother Mattew is also taking Skiing. Logan has won Gold and Silver medals. 

It was great to be there last Thursday, meeting all these riders, and meeting Logan and his brother Mattew as well.